Who Are My Christain Brothers

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November 16, 2017
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Who Are My Christain Brothers

I have had so many experience with Christians preaching, teaching, and also believing that it is only their churches that lead to heaven/paradise. Prime in this are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholic, Deeper Life who will not be happy to even marry out their dauther/son to other christian sect, neither will they see other as believer.

Different dogma derive from church rituals and doctrines are used to create amosphere of fear in to the members. Many have forgotten that no matter the name of the church, church main role is to lead you to the way of the cross. Also a church should build your spiritual man. Any church not doing this no matter the brand name is not worth a soul.

What is Christ view about this? In Mathew 12:47-50, when Jesus was told, look thy brethren, mother, stand outside. Jesus make a clarification, my brother, sister, mother, and father are those who do the will of my father.

Jesus also knowing that many will come in his name, claiming to be his disciple, apostles, prophets, bishop etc clarify us in Mathew 7: 21 not everyone saying lord, lord, will enter the kingdom of God but those doing the will of my father.

What is then the will of the father?Summarize in a law. Love your neighbour as yourself. Also love thy God with all your soul, strenght, and power.

In conclussion no matter the name of your church, so far you are doing the will of the father, you are my christian brother. In essence christian brotherhood is spiritual and not to be defined within a confine of a church bother or brand name!

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