Objectifying Power of Satan

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February 2, 2017
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May 13, 2018
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Objectifying Power of Satan

Many today fear some places where libation to evil (ogugu shrines, sango shrine, obatala shrine, ifa shrines etc) are made, rather than having healthy reference for the house of God, which is ourself (1Corinthian 6:19), by abstaining from anything related to sin.

The earth is the lord and the fullness thereof the world and they that dwells therein says Psalm 24, the stones, the iron, the earth, all used in making demonic houses all belong to the almighty father. But as recorded in Isaiah 44 most lack understanding that some stone were used in building and some set aside for aja demon worship. some iron are used in building, tools and implements, and some also dedicated to sango worship.

We most time forget that these things are created by the creator for our use. But Satan blindfolded the mind of many by instilling fears in our mind which compulsively collect beggarly worship through the created things. Here lays the objectifying power of satan used in caging many souls.

Rebuke unhealthy fear and worship the most true God. Hallelujah, stay healthy and remain blessed!

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